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Feb 04, 2017, 08:02AM

Every Story Ends There

A 2014 Bomb magazine interview with filmmaker Ognjen Glavonic vs. a 2004 The Boom Bap interview with rapper/DJ MC Serch.

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MC Serch: The sales don’t matter.

Ognjen Glavonic: Yes, yes, exactly.

MC Serch: You had to conserve your energy just like a cactus conserves water and nourish yourself when you get the chance and put prickles up to defend yourself against enemies who try to take things from you and we really felt that we were the cactus.

Glavonic: You are the soil, and if it grows, it becomes a part of your imagination, and then you must decide what to do with it.

MC Serch: Ultimately you need retail position just like everyone else.


Glavonic: There's a persistent sense of competition to win the championship of who is the bigger victim.

MC Serch: Because I don’t wanna get raped.

Glavonic: Every story ends there.

MC Serch: No, no, no. That’s bullshit.

Glavonic: But we made a list of rules that we decided to obey.


MC Serch: We stood alone in a very hot, dry business that cared about nothing.

Glavonic: I never try to directly articulate my own intuition and obsessions.

MC Serch: I tried for a minute and it didn't work and to be totally honest with you, I'm tired of trying.

Glavonic: That kills the adventure.

MC Serch: I need to make a record.


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