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Aug 27, 2018, 02:06PM

Eavesdropping on America

A bizarre, hallucinatory voyage into the minds of very average and very insane Americans. 

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"I'm Lucy O'Brien and I Approve This Message"

This podcast is by some measure the most disturbing thing we've heard in a long time. The sensibilities of NPR and Garrison Keillor applied to the hellish reality of modern America and the private lives of modern Americans results in a phantasmagoria that hits so close to the bone it's almost painful to hear. We should clarify this is a ringing endorsement, and an indication that producer Jon Ehrens is onto something. Eavesdropping on America is the bleeding edge to anemic shows like Pod Save America

From the mouths of babes: "Eavesdropping on America is a collaboration  of radio producers and anthropologists at the Sydney Habermann and Judith Brownstein-Habermann School of Anthropology at the University of the State of Idaho. The school’s syndicate of anthropologists make field recordings from around the country of Americans talking. Then the radio producers comb through and find the most fascinating or illuminating tape that represents what Americans are like, and what they’re all talking about. Then we put it all together into a podcast and examine the meaning behind these conversations and what they say about us as a country. The show also includes interviews with experts, politicians, as well as popular culture reviews that put a spotlight on the zeitgeist."



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