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Oct 21, 2017, 07:00AM

Because It Exaggerates

A May 1970 Artforum interview with Eva Hesse vs. a May 2016 Paste magazine interview with Zach Milo.

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Zach Milo: I am so honored, grateful, humbled, just so many overwhelmed emotions.

Eva Hesse: They’re all different lengths. The circles can be manipulated at random.

Milo: They are much harder to find than you would imagine.

Hesse: The construction is really very naive. Because it exaggerates.

Milo: Haters gonna hate.


Hesse: It left the ugly zone and went to the beauty zone.

Milo: Beauty isn’t a box you have to fit in; everyone is beautiful, individuality is beauty.

Hesse: I don’t want to even use this word because I don’t want it to be used in any interview of mine, connected with my work.

Milo: I certainly hope so. [Laughs] You never know who is watching.

Hesse: Yes, it’s all loose.


Milo: Definitely. I always want to know who the brand is targeting, and I do my best to become the person they think they best represent. They influence me immensely.

Hesse: One of my first visions when I woke up from my operation was that I didn’t have to be an artist to justify my existence, that I had a right to live without being one. The inside, however, looks amazingly chaotic, though it’s the same pieces of hose going through.

Milo: It shows us how beautiful the earth really is.

Hesse: Yes. So it has a very fragile, tenuous quality.

Milo: When I am stuck in the city I love playing my guitar and singing on my couch with friends.


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