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Jun 03, 2008, 10:16AM

Wait, You Mean We're Not Really a Democracy?

Clinton staffers cried foul when a 30-person committee decided to override the Florida and Michigan primary results. "We're a democracy!" they objected. But, as this article's kind definition of terms reminds us, we're actually a republic. Is this the last day for Clinton Nation?

Harold Ickes, an adviser for Senator Clinton, following the Democratic National Committee's decisions to allow those states' delegates half a vote each, said "This body of 30 individuals has decided that they're going to substitute their judgment for 600,00 voters…now that's what I call democracy."

Now pardon me, but is that not the idea behind Congress? 535 democratically elected representatives whose collective will is taken to represent that of the American populace? I acknowledge that the concept of a ruling body's will trumping that of the People isn't democratic; it's republican, a concept equally if not more integral to the federal government.

Democracy means rule by the people, whereas republicanism means rule by elected representatives. Even a cursory glance at the structure of American government shows that at every level representatives act on behalf of their constituents, and rarely are citizen's opinions considered on major issues.

  • Oh, c'mon, this is an article that didn't need to written. And I mean no disrespect to the author: it's just that if anyone believes that either of the Clintons has anything on their minds beyond personal aggrandizement, political power and patronage to lard out to financial donors, they're either incredibly innocent or already in hock to the Clinton machine.

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  • "and to the republic, for which it stands." clinton be damned!

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