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Jun 02, 2008, 12:33PM

The Sky Isn't Falling

Lately it seems like all the bad news we hear makes us ever more resigned to our country's inevitable decline. One writer calls us out for not fighting anymore. What happened to the American ingenuity that, instead of giving up when faced with a problem, immediately started figuring out solutions?

I know the world's not perfect. I also don't mind the news warning me about bad things that could happen. What ticks me off is when they forget to tell you that the piece of a sky they thought was falling was just a piece of frozen bird doodoo.

For example, have you heard about of the recession we are in? I had hoped that when evidence came in that the economy is still growing (though slower), that the "experts" would admit they were wrong. Nope. What's interesting is that our economics professors tell us that the economy is influenced by people's expectations. If we have confidence in the future, we invest more and the economy grows. On the other hand, with enough negatively-biased talk and people scared of a recession, we will manage to eventually work ourselves into one.

My point is, where has the spirit of Americans gone? What used to define us was our optimism and the belief that we were in control of our future. Now the news makes us scared.

Maybe we will get tired of feeling helpless. As we head off into the summer and our vacations, maybe we can enjoy the independence, freedoms and adventures for a little while.


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