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Jul 29, 2011, 10:27AM

I'm Not a Socialist, But I Play One TV

Fox isn't the only network with insufferable douchebags.

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Get Lawrence O’Donnell off the air, immediately. The man is a walking wax cliché of a tapioca New England liberal, a megalomaniacal blowhard who comes off just as ridiculously as Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Bill O’Reilly. MSNBC’s ad blasts make O’Donnell out to be a progressive Christ-like figure, imparting wisdom and prophesy to chronic chin-strokers across America. Does anyone actually enjoy watching this asshole?

RAWWwwwrr. Okay, Lawrence. You’re almost as loud as your commercials. Orly Taitz may be an idiot but allowing her to ramble would’ve been enough to make his point. It’s red meat for Fox’s Alternate Reality just as Beck’s autistic antics were for Keith Olbermann. As far as interrupting and imposing himself on his guests, O’Donnell fits right in with that right-wing triumvirate of idiocy. O’Donnell’s aggressively arrogant and combative tone just make him completely unlikable, even though his views are slightly more realistic than talk radio. Pundits like this are to blame for the obstinate and childish stalemate in Washington right now, and if MSNBC really wants to become the people’s network, they need to can O’Donnell and simpatico dumbass Ed Schultz. (Watch Lawrence lean forward and fall flat on his face.)

Unbelievably, Grover Norquist comes off as the sanest man in the room, while Lawrence foams at the mouth and very awkwardly reads a tweet someone sent him asking him to punch Norquist in the face. What a prick. Who are you crusading for other than yourself? Dylan Ratigan and Rachel Maddow (sometimes) are MSNBC’s only watchable/personable/reasonable hosts, bright spots of straightforwardness among a morass of self-righteous and whiny blowhards like Martin Bashir, Cenk Uygur, Chris Matthews (he needs medication), and Al Sharpton. Ratigan and Maddow stand above their peers because they’re willing to admit they’re wrong, something you’ll never see from Lawrence “I passed the biggest tax increase EVER in 1993” O’Donnell.

  • O'Donnell runs hot and cold. Sometimes he comes off as an angry drunk, but other times (fewer in number) he remains calm enough to be informative. Of all the MSNBC hosts, I think he is best informed on process. His presentation often sucks but I have not found any other host who can intelligently explain the arcane house rules and process as well as Lawrence. Rachel, although I disagree with her politics, is also quite informative. She gives the full background on a story and asks her opposing guest if she acurately describe the prelude before she asks any other questions. I agree with you on the other hosts although I find Dylan also comes off as drunk when he gets animated. Fox on the other hand doesn't seem to have anyone who can accuratley explain the procees and background of a story. If they can, they chose not to in order to propel their agenda.

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  • ROTFLMAO. Well, when you put it like you put it, O'Donnell does appear more like Larry of the Three Stooges than a writer for The West Wing. But I can understand his anger. At least he picks on folks who are mentally incapacitated, and doesn't just manufacture dirt on relatively clean folk. Yeah, on a chart from 1 to 10, Limbaugh and Beck are a 1...and O'Donnell is probably a 7. There's no comparison.

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