On Campus
Mar 27, 2009, 08:58AM

How'd they find the funding?

A New York school district is revamping gym class.

With Dance Dance Revolution:

The Little Falls City School District recently received a $4,000 grant from the Dale Memorial Trust Fund to purchase three Dance Dance Revolution fitness bundles to accommodate large and small class sizes.

As a result, the district has a total of six metal arcade pads, 18 practice mats, 24 pedometers and three copies of the game.

Based on current plans, more than 2,500 schools are expected to use the game by the end of the decade. Born eleven years ago in the arcades of Japan, Dance Dance Revolution has become a small craze among a generation of young Americans who appear less enamored of traditional team sports than their parents were and more amenable to the personal pursuits enabled by modern technology.


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