On Campus
Apr 07, 2009, 06:59AM

The embarrassed exhibitionists

"I'm pretty sure my nipple is out there on the Internet somewhere."

Turning a leaf:

Before the rise of rampant photo-posting and ruined reputations, there was no need to distinguish between extramarital affairs and mere nudity, between drug addicts and youthful experimentation. Socially unacceptable behavior was kept behind closed doors and away from photo shutters, hidden along with Kennedy's exploits in that dark void where only the truly un-documented events disappear. However, dismissing the difference between a conventionally taboo subject and a truly harmful action is effective only when both can be adequately ignored or denied. This absurd Facebook stir-up may be the shocking reality check we've needed. Facebook "privacy" is about as realistic as sobriety and chastity in college: And in order to accept this lack of privacy, we must be comfortable with our less-than-Puritan lifestyles.


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