Feb 09, 2015, 10:15AM

They Said It on Facebook

All quotes unchanged, including spelling, punctuation and spacing.

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“Shared! ....this is out rageous... who is this ass hole, anyway? & why is something that got started in the thirty's still happening today...?”

“That was a rather snarky sentence in the article, immediately cutting its intelligence to more even negligible then it first purported.”

“I wished so strong, make it as a gift to the evasive and unseizable human being who chaires my vision (and my couch!).”

“Last night we rewatched SKYFALL on Netflix and once again I was struck by the more than coincidental resemblance the last quarter of the film bore to the Bob Culp-scripted I SPY episode, Home to Judgement.”

“At 1st i was like wow ok this girl has breasts & i do too its then i seen your shirt 'selfle' lol my bad i'm mixed white(irish,polish,swedish)f*ck it white.lol sorry bonita”

“Ugh stupid kids this days yelling tht immigration is coming are u fuk and serious just shut up u dumb immature unsensitive pieces of crap uggghhhhhh !!!!!”

“I just purely believe it is an extreme form of fanaticism and truly a REAL threat within our Borders. Much like Communism, Socialism, Royalty, and Monarchys.”

“I'm so mad that all my grade r fuking low n I need to pick it up by today if not I can't go for skill USA for hair cutting Wtf “

“I would suggest an apology is in order for causing upset on a global forum,but thats your choice.”

“I put it up right there with witchcraft, satanism, spiritism and demonism. nothing good will ever come of them in my belief system and observation.”

“Simple minded people doesn't get too far”

“Anybody got a relatively thick black superhero/rocker looking belt I could borrow today?”


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