Aug 08, 2022, 04:52PM

The 4 Most Popular Cannabis Products on the Market Today

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In the past, the cannabis market suffered little growth due to its illegal nature. The markets were mainly black markets. But with recent legalization in most states in the US, the market has grown greatly.

Meanwhile, about 520,000 people work in the cannabis industry. The legal cannabis market is expected to reach $33 Billion by the end of 2022. New Jersey also recently legalized marijuana for medicinal and recreational uses. And with the State's large market, many companies are rushing into the cannabis industry.

Did you know you can use cannabis without smoking? Regardless of its usefulness, smoking joints or blunts damages your lungs. Hence, there are other cannabis products on the market. Read on as we go through the top products in the cannabis market together.

1. Dry Herb Vaporizer

A dry herb vaporizer is another popular product in the cannabis market. The device helps you consume marijuana flavor and aroma without smoking. This useful device, which you can find on Smoke Cartel, heats the cannabis flower and releases the contents as a vapor in the air. You feel the effects when you inhale the steam.

Meanwhile, vaporizers vary in size and shape. We have smaller vape pens and bigger ones called Volcano. The Volcano is expensive and large. It was in use before weeds became legal, although vape pens are portable and are becoming popular.

Also, this device does not have much effect on your lungs. You can experience an amazing range of potency and enjoy the maximum flavor. Compared to smoking, it produces lesser smells and helps control your dosage.

Similarly, you can use cannabis oil instead of the flowers in vaporizers. The oil has a more significant effect than the flowers because oils contain 80% of THC, and flowers only have 5-25% of THC.

2. Skincare Products

CBD is now being introduced in Skincare products. Creams, lotions, and rubs with CBD are now available in the market. Some even contain THC, the cannabis part that gets you high.

These products help with relaxation, pain relief, and skin hydration. Cannabis lotions give you a clean and more beautiful skin tone. Likewise, you can derive great relaxation using cannabis bath salts and bath bombs in your bathtub. Ladies can now enjoy marijuana without stereotyping them as a smoker.

They are used like other skin care products. You can even get high if you buy those with THC elements. Above all, their potency is based on their contents. You tend to feel it quicker when THC is included. However, some take a few hours before they start working and may last for hours.

3. Dab Rigs

A dab rig is a specialized device like a water pipe, through which you inhale water vapor densely concentrated with cannabis. This device is not for beginners.

To use this equipment, you will have to heat a concentrated "dab" through a heated part called a nail. Then, you consume the vapor produced using the mouthpiece. The device is mainly glass, but the nail is made of titanium or quartz.

Meanwhile, dab is an active part of cannabis, extracted using butane and carbon dioxide solvents. Wax, budder, Butane Hash Oil (BHO), and shatter are common types of dabs. They are all highly effective.

4. Edibles and Beverages

Marijuana is now present in some edibles and beverages. Pot cookies, cannabis chocolates, weed brownies, and cannabis gummies are now on the market. Similarly, cannabis capsules are also available for those who want to take their CBD like other medicines. 

You can also take cannabis beverages. These products are still in their initial stages. In some cannabis-legalized States, few shops sell coffees and cocktails infused with cannabis. Also, cannabis fruit punch and cannabis cola are available in Colorado.


As more States continue to legalize cannabis, some companies are taking advantage of this. Realizing most people don't get along with smoking, they produce products with cannabis contents or cannabis-related devices. However, ensure you test the potency of these products before you fully use or consume them.


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