Apr 23, 2014, 06:37AM

You Are What You Think

On spring cleaning your thoughts.

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Every now and then I see a particular statistic at a time when I’m stuck in a pattern of unconscious thinking that slowly makes its way to the surface. One that recently grabbed my attention is the number of thoughts an average person has each day: 60,000. That’s a bit overwhelming when you break it down to about 40 thoughts per minute. Of those, according to researchers, 80 percent are negative. What’s more, 90 percent of the thoughts that consume your mind are the same thoughts you had yesterday and the day before, leaving little room for anything new.

We all know we are what we think. At some point, we’ve read or heard some metaphysical stuff that links our reality to our thinking, but there’s one tiny glitch. We don’t always fully believe it. Or, we have no idea how to go about making accomplishing our dreams into an integral part of our lives.

Research shows that when a thought is recycled over and over again, it actually digs a groove into the gray matter of the brain becoming habitual, knee-jerk thinking. This usually transforms into belief and there we are. Stuck with this “forever concept” unless a new way of thinking counteracts it and digs a new groove.

I’ve decided to do a little spring cleaning in my house of thoughts. I’m getting rid of the old patterns that just don’t serve me. It’s not so easy because my mind is easily distracted, often puzzled and loves to procrastinate and doddle. But I’m in training and each time my mind wanders into not so healthy landscapes like  “I’ll never write the novel,” “My cousin doesn’t like me,” “I’m not rich, thin or loved enough,” I immediately cancel the thought and replace it with a positive one. Now the key is to replace the negative with the positive desire but do it as if your desire has already manifested. So, say it to yourself in the present tense.

I’m not one to quote the Bible but one of my favorite passages is “I tell you therefore: everything you ask and pray for, believe that you have it already, and it will be yours” Mark 11:20-22. I think Mark would have been a great motivational speaker.

Anyway, retraining the mind requires vigilance. Vigilance is being present and consciously paying attention in each moment to what we are feeding our mind. Fear, anxiety, doubt and worry are those tormentors that can sabotage. But our thoughts are extremely powerful and their energy will attract whatever we think about, good or bad. The universe doesn’t discriminate. So if you are looking to transform your life during this season of growth, get out your best thoughts and start cleaning.


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