Sep 27, 2017, 06:59AM

Toilet Finger

From Insurgentes /Avenues.

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Mallet ringer, washroom ginger, plumbers
unlock lovers from their lockets. Oops!
Rubberneckers rave at accident people: 

that’s a Mess of People Accident. Oops! 
Upfront vehicle domino clack: honk & connect
from afar: pull forward. Speed the Trance?

Speed the Speed. & if she’s the one behind,
cabrón, we’re the one who held her 
there. Momentum shoots wherever, cousin,

Percussion claims the gaseous wave
acoustic others push dead air 
sounds mitigate this

Toilet Finger wants
that its probe smokes out 
which vehicle transfers 
redolence out 
which digit relays 
signal to commons 
from a list or the Listless
or those craving Listedness 
(plumbed in the commons 
disconnected from grid 
when it comes into that 
or turns into that 
& to that)

Insurgente wants 
that his grace notes be labeled  
into “Problem” “Answer” “Landscape” 
so as not to not qualify
not to not parse 
& neither warp credentials 
nor embellish their skid marks  
nor lengthen them down to  
the not-funny porcelain channel 

O Mongers! please forgive us
for we know not what we void 
if no outflow no input
to its safe-house we halve
& “think to take you with us?”
& “thank us for our service?” 


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