Mar 26, 2019, 05:55AM

Never Mind the Stooges of Government

It’s springtime and all is well.

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After another long winter it’s time to rejoice. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil because spring has sprung. This old pilgrim’s progress is chugging along just swell. Hear the familiar sounds of spring stirring. Moving slow and deliberate. Coming back again in the cycle of life always just around the next corner. Listen to that joyful noise echo in the ears. Birds sing crazy bird songs as children bounce balls on the playground during lunch break further down the road.

A warm breeze caresses everything cushioned in clean air. Walk about spying signs of rebirth at every turn. Buds popping on the thin branches of trees. Crocuses and snow drops appear overnight. Wooly black caterpillars are all around the ground. Chipmunks scurry in circles over gnarled tree roots. Gnats swarm in a cloud of wings. Bees buzz past my head nearby as flies and yellow jackets nosedive my empty beer bottles. I watch a hawk circle above the meadow.

It all feels lighter now, like a burden has lifted and only blue sky and cotton ball clouds remain. The day smells fresh as laundry swaying on the clothesline. Even a dog barking in the distance is a welcome noise through the open window screen. The cows are out to pasture, mooing to each other as the horses whinny in the lush green pastoral setting. The topper to this picturesque scene is the farmer in the dell chugging, sputtering along on his antique tractor as the chickens cackle away the day. The commotion of life continues.

A brand new season ushers in the same old hurrah of rebirth, welcome... it’s that time again. You were missed. We’re happy to see you. Be carefree and linger a bit longer outside, feeling the sun’s warmth on tingling skin. Soaking up the rays and feeling great. The solstice moon brightens the evening skies. Worms dance and wiggle in muddy earth. Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane to seasons past when spring was a hearty hello to all and sundry at any age, a jubilee of colors bursting in appreciation.

Take it all in with a deep breath and an anticipation for the endless summertime fun to follow. No need for daily news and nonsense reports of collusion with evil empires. Useless information to clog the mind and fill pages of special reports on idiots in high places doing low things. Whatever top secret confidential for your eyes only crock of fertilizer to spread around gardens of discontent.

All this talk of transparency being civilized, open and honest with nothing to hide. The thing about transparency is you can see right through the words that are spoken. You can look right at the bullshit lies. The deception flaunted like the dollar bill attached to a string lying on the sidewalk. Every time you bend over to pick up that dollar it’s yanked a little farther away. At the same time, while you stooped over somebody else is breaking off a foot in your ass.

Spring’s grand entrance will never solve all problems but it sure makes them appear less important. Give the benefit of doubt to those who least deserve it. Give credit where none is due. Putting buffoons in charge of our lives while losing our minds. In turn lose free thought and surrender to the authority of  stupid, irritating contemptable cretins. Those elected officials of nothing out of nowhere. If you don’t know how bad things are by now maybe they really never were. It’s all a sophisticated ruse to keep the dark forces in your head at play. Keep the hellhounds and the demons at bay. To confuse and misguide the misguided. Trip them up, make them pay double for the luxury of having what’s not needed and unaffordable. Medicare never cared and social insecurity to secure our borders from the hordes. Fearmongers spouting off hate and violence maintain control out of control. Suspicion and mistrust rule the forced news. Bought and sold automaton zombies to a broken system in search of some naked truth.

Trembling in sensitive flesh shaky shoes. Our hour of destiny is close at hand. Seeking peace and prosperity. Let no man or group of them stand in the way. The rotund opera singer is really Curly Howard in drag, lip-syncing the song in the short reel. And in reality that's all these men of power and prestige are. World-class stooges and phonies. Infantile bullies hiding behind a dollar sign and waving flags. Proclaiming, ”Look at me, I’m the best, I can do it better than you with the help of god by my side.” No thank you, I'll pass. I'd rather sit here in quiet solitude. Spread the word across this great land. The king is a dullard and should be shunned wearing his red, white and blue dunce cap ensemble. Turn your backs and listen closely. I can hear the song now. It’s a classic. 


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