Jun 05, 2014, 09:35AM

Thoughts on the Celtics

Picture Rondo and Love shake hands, briefly set NBA Internet on fire.

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As a Boston Celtics fan, I’ve been duped into clicking on all kinds of links over the last two years. I think the internet has discovered that we’re easy targets for this kind of thing. Anything to provide hope during chaotic and uncertain times. I have a few thoughts on the fact that I just clicked on a picture of Kevin Love shaking hands with Rajon Rondo, and then read another article about the guy who took the candid photograph of the handshake heard round Boston:

  • What is wrong with me?
  • What is wrong with us?
  • The Internet is an ugly beast.
  • Hope is an irresistible force.
  • Internet rumors are like snakes that’ve escaped from Pandora's Box and have been growing exponentially over the last decade of Internet-based cultural absorption.
  • I can't stop hoping, can't stop reading and I will never stop feeling nauseated at the number of non-stories that become stories just so ESPN, Yahoo and Bleacher Report can make a few dollars.
  • If I want to remain a sports fan, should I actively limit the amount of time I spend reading about sports on the Internet?
  • Are there a maximum number of tabs I should allow myself to open at one time? (Three?)
  • Would I really rather see Kevin Love in Boston for the next few years if it means the absence of two exciting young rookies, Jared Sullinger, Jeff Green, and whomever else Danny Ainge has to include in a deal?
  • For my own sanity, shouldn't I spend some time not reading about potential Celtics, just wait until the draft and then allow the NBA to sink back into the periphery for a few months?
  • What is wrong with us?
  • What is wrong with me?
  • Rajon Rondo has very large hands.
  • Almost as huge as Kawhi Leonard's.
  • I hope the Spurs beat the Heat.

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