Feb 18, 2015, 10:12AM

Steph Curry Is Not the Most Satisfying Nap You’ve Ever Taken

And other totally true facts.

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Steph Curry is already one of the Top Five shooters in NBA history, and he turns 27 next month.

Steph Curry is not curing California’s drought even though his shots rain down on the Bay Area.

Steph Curry is unparalleled at creating his own shot off the dribble.

Steph Curry is not going to fix that squeaking sound which is probably coming from your brakes.

Steph Curry is equal parts supremely confident and remarkably humble.

Steph Curry is not going to stand in line at the post office for you.

Steph Curry is a graduate of Davidson, a small liberal arts school in North Carolina.

Steph Curry is not a former McDonald’s All-American, nor was he heavily recruited.

Steph Curry is an improving defender, sniffing out steals, then pulling up from deep.

Steph Curry is not nominated for any Academy Awards, but he did see Selma and Birdman.

Steph Curry is keeping opposing coaches terrified when they scout the Warriors.

Steph Curry is not going to make that Safeway line move any faster.

Steph Curry is the son of one of the better three-point shooters of the 1990s, Dell Curry.

Steph Curry is not the most satisfying nap you have ever taken.

Steph Curry is (we can hope) a fan of Del the Funky Homosapien, who hails from Oakland.

Steph Curry is not a 25-pound bag of basmati rice from Costco.

Steph Curry is often seen smiling, enjoying himself on the court, but he keeps a feisty edge.

Steph Curry is not capable of making time speed up or slow down with a wiggle of his fingers.

Steph Curry is always embracing the biggest stages and making them seem small.

Steph Curry is not sure how many digits of Pi he can recite from memory.

Steph Curry is ready to take the NBA's torch from LeBron, though he'll have to fend of Anthony Davis and James Harden to keep it.

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