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Jan 01, 2016, 07:11AM

You Lose Perspective

A 2015 The Dissolve interview with writer/director Alex Garland vs. a 2015 Grantland interview with wrestler/WWE executive Triple H.

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Alex Garland: What we ask of children almost more than anything is that they outlive us.

Triple H: You’d get there early, do some print stuff, take pictures, whatever.

Garland: And then it goes off the rails and turns into a slasher flick.

Triple H: Yeah. Nobody wanted that to happen. It’s a massive undertaking. That’s what nobody gets.


Garland: Your thoughts are largely hidden from you, I assume, if you’re anything like me.

Triple H: They’re behind a locked door. It doesn’t matter.

Garland: The disco dance has funny little attacks.


Triple H: You walk into a locker room, lights go down, smoke comes out, and Andre the Giant walks out in a hologram and stands there and talks to you.

Garland: I’m not looking for excuses to how this can work dramatically.

Triple H: I wish I had the brainpower and the wherewithal and the drive to be as maniacal and devious as people fucking think I am.

Garland: I try to know when I’m lying. Why are you angry about this?

Triple H: Because all we talked about was business. You lose perspective.


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