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Jul 04, 2014, 09:35AM

You'll Be Surprised

A 2001 Vibe interview with the late Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, vs. a 2011 GQ interview with actor Shia LeBoeuf.

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Michael Jackson: You can have a house full of people and still be lonely from within.

Shia LeBoeuf: You think?

Jackson: You’ll be surprised.

LeBoeuf: You’re already in the next scene.

Jackson: It looks like you’re doing aerobics.

LeBoeuf: And now we're arguing about the music choice for my scene that he's involved in from a distance, but in this moment, it's me and that music, and I can't get over the idea that he won't allow the idea to play this vulnerable shit that gets me there.

Jackson: Nat King Cole, great stuff. Marvin Gaye, Sam Cook, they are all ridiculous.

LeBoeuf: They’re full of life, and they have textures to them.

Jackson: I’d like to take them all and burn them.

LeBoeuf: They had no respect for him and they just wanted to eat my face.

Jackson: I just showed up and gave him a hug.

LeBoeuf: No, we’re not going to play that song.

Jackson: It’s Denzel Washington’s favorite song.

LeBoeuf: He’s a boss.

Jackson: Oh my God.

LeBoeuf: We lost a big human element.

Jackson: It has to be given to you.

LeBoeuf: Sometimes it does have to be blunt. Which you can’t do.

Jackson: We have slings and canons and you are drenched by the time the game is over. It’s a great honor, I’m happy.

LeBoeuf: You know what? I’m going to fucking stab you.


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