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Jul 09, 2016, 07:00AM

You Covered All the Bases

A 2007 Your Flesh interview with musician Barry Adamson vs. a 2009 AV Club interview with actor/director Illeana Douglas.

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Illeana Douglas: We did the bar scene, and I decided I wanted to do this thing with the laugh—just being stupid and not really knowing what was going on.

Barry Adamson: But who you are pulls it back into a context.

Douglas: Oh yeah, of course. At the time, I just didn’t know.

Adamson: You covered all the bases.

Douglas: Everything sort of changed.


Adamson: How’s it going?

Douglas: It was insane. People were so nice to me.

Adamson: You walk around staring up while they're picking your pockets. You watch.

Douglas: But once you’re successful, what do you do?

Adamson: Well, I guess, psychological terrors are right up there. Various things will filter in.


Douglas: They made this big thing about how we were going to stop the scene and put in safety glass, clear the set and all, because it’s very dangerous.

Adamson: I'm seventeen years old, and I'm thinking, what the hell is going on here.

Douglas: When you’re starting out, you don’t really care.

Adamson: I did want my own puppet. The beauty of it is that you can bring your frame of reference and enjoy in it that way, and say like, I see what's going on.

Douglas: This is a famous story. It seems like I made it up.


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