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Feb 20, 2016, 01:18PM

You Can Ask for More

A 2016 Noisey interview with musician Paul McCartney vs. a 2016 Interview magazine interview with art-world curator Roselee Goldberg.

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Roselee Goldberg: Remember? He asked for a vitrine, proceeded to take everything out of his pockets, and put it in the vitrine.

Paul McCartney: Ringtones, little things like that. 

Goldberg: Precisely. Contemporary art. I wanted a loft.

McCartney: Where does this painting go next?

Goldberg: Sometimes.


McCartney: Absolutely. Because in their perception of it—that's obviously not mine—but their perception of it is like slagging around on Greyhound buses, eating badly, having a terrible time, not selling out, and stuff.

Goldberg: We did that for three years. They were terrified because there were no lights on the street, and it was just nice and dark.

McCartney: But there's always fear attached to reaching into a black hole. 

Goldberg: Maybe because we connect by computer. They used to do a scene where one of them would hit himself in the face till blood would pour.

McCartney: [laughs] I just visualized the whole thing happening. 


Goldberg: We need to deal with the new century, and we want to take people from different disciplines to talk about this. 

McCartney: But you know, like I do, nobody picks up the bloody phone. 

Goldberg: Which means, "I have no idea."

McCartney: So now I was kind of amused by this idea.

Goldberg: [laughs] You can ask for more.


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