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Apr 14, 2008, 05:35AM

Trial and Error

Like a good poker player, a smart women knows how to read a man's tells before going all in. From The Hoya.

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Sex and dating is a process of trial and error and ladies, sometimes you’ll find a stud, and sometimes you’ll meet a dud. But it doesn’t always have to be this way. Armed with the collective pool of knowledge gleaned from each other’s experiences, perhaps we can have the insight to spot an impending error before we hold the trial.

So, on a mission to gather all the tricks girls use to predict whether they might be sexually compatible with a guy, I called every girl in my phonebook to ask them how they determine whether a guy will be good in bed before sleeping with him. Some of the answers were ludicrous, some were salient and some were echoed by many girls throughout the course of the process. I included all three.

So girls, read up and hone your skills of elimination, and boys, take notes before your next date.

1. His Hands

Some girls like rough hands because it signifies their owner “is not afraid of doing a bit of hard work,” while others dislike rough hands for the same reason they don’t like stubbly chins — it irritates their delicate skin. But rough or soft, most girls would agree that trimmed, clean fingernails are an absolute must, and grimy fingers are not going anywhere near their bodies.

2. His Parking Skills

One night, I was parking in downtown D.C. with my best friend sitting in the passenger seat. After a couple lame attempts to position the car somewhat close to the curb, she smirked and said, “If you were a guy, you’d make a lousy lay.”

I didn’t get it.

“Because you’re a horrible parallel parker,” she explained.



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