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Apr 14, 2008, 12:59PM

Lost Boy

One University of Georgia student isn't so sure a college diploma is the key to success and enlightenment, despite what he's been hearing from authority figures his whole life. From The Red and Black.

"Look at our life to-dos. We have to make names for ourselves and become financially established. We have to get educated, find decent jobs, pay our rent and maintain pleasant attitudes. We have to respect familial responsibility and - while avoiding drinking too much - enjoy ourselves while we're young.

We have to hit the sack early, catch the bus, save our money, find spouses, raise kids and support the economy. Did I mention we need degrees?

The potential Post-Its!

But wait, where's the manual for this life? Why do we do these things? I've found (with my ripe and immature understanding of the world) that we expect it of each other. That's all.

Still, there's something hair-raising about taking a break or, God forbid, dropping out of college. Conversations turn wide-eyed and humorless on the topic of education, like we're all Pip from "Great Expectations," longing to be gentlemen and never work for Joe.

There lurks in the background of everyday life my fear of becoming a stray in the eyes of society. That I, with a Pabst in hand, will raise kids in Athens who'll spend - like their father - all their income on clothes, all their time gossiping and all their nights loitering downtown for memories.

Our educations come closer every day to defining us completely.



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