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Aug 20, 2016, 08:00AM

Nothing Seems to Be Jiving

A 2015 Playboy interview with actor Vince Vaughn vs. a 2016 Slate interview with author Thomas Frank.

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Vince Vaughn: Gaming on women has become almost like the dark arts.

Thomas Frank: Of course, absolutely. Nobody understands them.

Vaughn: I do, yeah. You’re bored and you just get used to it.

Frank: [Laughs] They love it when something is explained to them by someone who appears to be a great authority figure.

Vaughn: We all have to eat. God help them.


Frank: Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee for president.

Vaughn: Maybe. He really wants to close this deal and go home, because he has a lot at stake.

Frank: That really bothered me. Why would they choose that?

Vaughn: Yeah. Yeah, just continue to live, continue to make stuff happen. You have to do that sometimes in a movie.

Frank: You could say he was badly advised.


Vaughn: Sometimes things will be clicking, clicking, clicking in any aspect of your life, and you think, “This is great.” Then you’ll get into a run where you think, “Gosh, nothing seems to be jiving.”

Frank: The wheel has turned several times since then.

Vaughn: You gotta keep hope alive, as they say.

Frank: Nobody got fired. It was just math.

Vaughn: I have kind of black, dark hair.


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