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Dec 10, 2016, 05:55AM

It’s All a Flight of Stairs

A 2015 Huck magazine interview with musician Ian MacKaye vs. a 2015 The Dissolve interview with director Debra Granik.

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Ian MacKaye: It doesn’t make sense to me that you wouldn’t want to remember your life.

Debra Granik: Life will go on whether you’re there or not.

MacKaye: That is success. But I think you’re right about society seeing success as a brass ring.

Granik: One of them is factoring into a project we’re doing now, a project we really did a lot of research on and liked the subject.

MacKaye: The reason we like endings is that they’re manageable.


Granik: I’m looking for hope.

MacKaye: You’re hamstrung by it.

Granik: It’s ancient. We’ve dealt with it.

MacKaye: It’s all a flight of stairs. The castles could be knocked over.

Granik: We also could do a whole film about what day-to-day disciplined survival looks like in an RV park.


MacKaye: Just do something.

Granik: I’m taking as many notes as possible, photographically, emotionally—all devices going.

MacKaye: While we’ve been talking maybe 100 people have been killed, maybe 1,000, who knows, and yet this development hasn’t affected our conversation whatsoever.

Granik: Why does the other gender do what they do?

MacKaye: I would never pretend to have an answer for you.


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