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Mar 11, 2017, 07:00AM

I Would Resist Defining It

A 2000 Jimmy Dee interview with the late PSF label founder Hideo Ikeezumi vs. a 2012 Filmmaker Magazine interview with documentarian Frederick Wiseman.

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Frederick Wiseman: But it’s very, very hard to get the money. I have to go with my hat in my hand like everybody else.

Hideo Ikeezumi: (laughter) That's been going on for a long time.

Wiseman: It doesn’t cheapen the process.

Ikeezumi: It was bad before too, but it's rapidly getting worse. They may get upset.

Wiseman: Why does somebody ask for a cigarette at a given moment?


Ikeezumi: Watching and listening are both interesting at the same time.

Wiseman: No. All the cliches are true.

Ikeezumi: Well, yeah. Naturally.

Wiseman: You can dream the cut. It hasn’t been challenged.

Ikeezumi: Three hours. I wonder if I should do something to celebrate.


Wiseman: The woman has a very unhappy family history and the man is a former welfare worker, is clearly lying about his personal experience thinking that his knowledge of the welfare system will make it easier for him to qualify.

Ikeezumi: Oh yeah, he was already dead. After that he started paying attention to Keiji Haino.

Wiseman: If I am running around all day carrying equipment  and trying to be reasonably alert, I have to be in shape.

Ikeezumi: Things warp and rub and such, so it becomes interesting. But from a child's point of view, what would you call it?

Wiseman: I would resist defining it.


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