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Mar 05, 2015, 10:03AM

I Didn't Have Any Walls

A Tiny Mix Tapes interview with musician Tovah Olson vs. an Artchive interview with the late visual artist Elizabeth Murray.

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Tovah Olson: You have very high demands.

Elizabeth Murray: (laughs) For other people it's very frightening and totally destructive.

Olson: Yeah, well. It got a little goofy. I was bleeding.

Murray: When I got to a certain point, I really wanted to destroy all evidence of my past struggles. I've got some things in storage, not too much.

Olson: It’s really hard to pick a favorite.


Murray: No, it's not hard for me to do it.

Olson: That’s very strange.

Murray: Now I’m sorry I did it. For the emotions to be seen, you have to have a format.

Olson: Right now it's basically just an answering machine that plays tape loops, and a mixer that plays feedback, and sometimes that has some effects on it, and then sometime I'll plug in a contact mic, and put it on a tin can and that's it.

Murray: I didn’t have any walls.


Olson: But I don't like shop talk, it bores me. There's a whole phenomenon of people in China whose whole job is to play video games, to collect points, you know?

Murray: That’s a lot of bullshit. It’s terribly upsetting.

Olson: Yeah. I don’t care.


Murray: There’s so much superficiality. Which means I can't build these canvases.

Olson: Because I’d get really nervous. That throws me off.

Murray: Like a crack in the forms.


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