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May 13, 2008, 02:04PM

How To Get High Legally Without Huffing Anything

Salvia, a hallucinogen used in traditional Mexican religous ceremonies, is a perfectly legal drug that's becoming more popular recreationally in the U.S. While that may make your weekends more fun and interesting, the drug is also drawing more attention from the authorities.

"Delaware and Virginia, along with six other states -- Tennessee, North Dakota, Maine, Illinois, Louisiana and Missouri -- have outlawed selling and consumption of salvia. Opponents to the ban say there is no connection between the suicides and salvia use. At least 10 other states are considering regulation or outright criminalization of the drug.

Mazatec religious leaders in southern Mexico originally used salvia for rituals but outside use began in the 1930s.

Stone said he only sells salvia to those over 18 and many salvia buyers from the two remaining Emporium locations are older "hippies" who do not smoke marijuana anymore because it is illegal.

About 95 percent of young people who try salvia only do it once, Stone said, because the effects are not good for everyone. Salvia is also a reverse tolerant, so the more often a person uses it the less they need to achieve the effects.



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