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May 21, 2016, 09:00AM

But I Wasn’t Violent or Angry

A 1991 Bomb magazine interview with the late artist Mike Kelley vs. a 2016 AV Club interview with film director Jeremy Saulnier.

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Mike Kelley: We’ve talked about crafts and how there’s no history of crafts.

Jeremy Saulnier: No gatekeepers. No department heads.

Kelley: Yes, that aggression is obvious. They remind me of personal ads, in a way.

Saulnier: Krishnacore. Vegan kids. Yuppie neighbors.

Kelley: The plight of those people is too horrible to imagine.


Saulnier: When people would drive by me and my friends covered in blood with these very realistic plastic weapons with a camera, they would stop and say, “You boys okay?”

Kelley: But it’s so offhand that you don’t even think about it.

Saulnier: You’re probably right. The weaponry. Black Sabbath.

Kelley: You strive to categorize them.

Saulnier: But I wasn’t violent or angry.


Kelley: Yeah, I definitely was. Maybe it’s pitiful that all these energies are pumped into a birdhouse.

Saulnier: Until you do it, though, you don’t believe it.

Kelley: You’re just fucked, then.

Saulnier: Running around the woods with guns, getting hit by cars. Being evil wizards.

Kelley: I always hated the dry tone of surrealist literature.


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