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Aug 05, 2017, 07:02AM

But I Still Haven’t Found One

A 2011 Interview magazine interview with rapper/actor Tyler, The Creator vs. a 2016 BOMB magazine interview with electronic musician Ohal.

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Ohal: Doesn't it often feel like everything is the same and different all the time?

Tyler, The Creator: Yeah, man. But I understand what I’m doing, and that’s all that should matter. [pause] It’s too loud. 

Ohal: You can also hear the squeaking of a gate, fire, branches, water. It's like bouncing ideas back and forth with a friend, but the friend is you.

Tyler: I think we’re all gonna die pretty soon, and the animals are gonna take over—like ostriches and shit. I think they’re gonna take over the world and we’re gonna be their slaves.

Ohal: Which region? 


Tyler: I’m in Los Angeles right now. 

Ohal: In Paris, I was living at the bookstore Shakespeare & Company, and I only owned a Walkman.

Tyler: And I would probably need an iPod.

Ohal: But I still haven’t found one. I get easily distracted.

Tyler: Dude, trust me—the dragon thing works.


Ohal: And I like the machines, opening them up and fixing them if they break. They were so emo.

Tyler: I’m just doing what I wanna do, saying what I wanna say, and if the shit happens to change, then that’s cool.

Ohal: It gradually disintegrates and folds in on itself. 

Tyler: Sick. Good luck.

Ohal: What does that mean?


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