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Feb 06, 2016, 11:29AM

Are You in Brooklyn?

A 2016 Bomb interview with artist Camille Henrot vs. a 2012 Believer interview with author Ben Lerner.

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Ben Lerner: I often have very intense dreams that I remember, although when I’m recounting my dreams I find myself often unsure what I’m recounting and what I’m making up. 

Camille Henrot: Yeah, maybe. What I am doing is very different.

Lerner: I can sympathize with this kind of negativity. Are you in Brooklyn?

Henrot: Absolutely. I mean, you’ve probably gathered that I'm very anti-corporate and anti-bureaucratic. 

Lerner: I think we should worry about the radiation.


Henrot: Sometimes narrating an emotion is the best way to deal with it.

Lerner: To a certain extent you can’t.

Henrot: I have hope.

Lerner: I’m trying to picture that.

Henrot: There is a long, looping bar that ends in the shape of piano keys. Next to it is a number pad.


Lerner: That’s when the Challenger exploded, which was the first of the televised disasters, and also when that girl fell into a well and became a star.

Henrot: I don’t remember.

Lerner: I’ve done that a little lately. I’m at a residency.

Henrot: Yeah, they are a bit hypnotic. They lead you to some extreme wonder about yourself and how other people think about you.

Lerner: I don’t know if they are aggressive, but it’s a good time to chat, because I am afraid of them. 


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