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Mar 05, 2016, 11:22AM

And Then I Simply Make Someone an Offer

A 2015 Bomb magazine interview with actor/director Mathieu Amalric vs. a 2015 Tavis Smiley interview with 2016 Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein.

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Mathieu Amalric: As soon as you film someone it accelerates the deterioration of love. It’s really very unsettling. What do we do?

Dr. Jill Stein: You need a lot of TV advertising.

Amalric: It becomes absolutely vacuous. But you only realize that after the fact. 

Stein: It’s like feeding your child some lead and some pesticides and poisons and then thinking you can give them blueberries and it’s going to make it okay. 

Amalric: Naturally. But I do all that by myself, in my head, and then I simply make someone an offer.

Stein: You couldn’t do it without big corporate money and hundreds of millions of dollars. [Laughs] It’s a convenient propaganda line, but it doesn’t hold up. 

Amalric: You have to be able to do it slow, fast, in English, in French.

Stein: But if you’re just plain old poor and working poor, you don’t get it.

Amalric: Well, there you have it. That’s when things get interesting.

Stein: And that’s when we finalize the national nominee.

Amalric: I got a typewritten letter saying no.


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