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Aug 14, 2008, 01:02PM

A Shirt With Its Own History?

The good folks at American Apparel are working super hard at educating the public on proper fashion, and now they've gone multimedia! Here's a video that supposedly teaches us how to make a boring plain t-shirt have "its own personal color."  There's a prize for anyone who can explain what the hell he's talking about.

The following video was included in this article:
  • What!? I couldn't understand a word he said. Is American Apparel the new Pitchfork of clothing or something!?

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  • "It is the perfect yummy tee you can never find." That about sums up the vacuity of this spot. No, I didn't understand what Geno was talking about, but chances are slim he'll ever gain the notoriety of the Dell Dude or that nebbish from Subway.

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  • Or the Miller High life guy, can't forget him, he's getting big I tell you, big.

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  • I like american apparel tees, but the way they advertise their models is a little unappealing, for the people and the clothes themselves. I always see nipples...

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