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Jan 11, 2023, 06:28AM

A Riot Broke Out at the Venue

A 2003 Index Magazine interview with rapper/actress Eve vs. a 1968 ARTnews interview with artist/theorist Marcel Duchamp.

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Eve: We didn't understand what was going on at all—we sat in the audience for a couple of segments and had to laugh when the rest of the audience laughed and clap when they clapped.

Marcel Duchamp: If your choice entered into it, then, taste is involved, bad taste, good taste, uninteresting taste.

Eve: If I want to wear a halter-top and a miniskirt, it's not a huge deal.

Duchamp: It was too long and in the end you lose interest.

Eve: Completely. [laughs] A riot broke out at the venue.


Duchamp: As you know, in 1914, even 1913, I had in my studio a bicycle wheel turning for no reason at all.

Eve: It was just crazy. I just have to laugh because it's a little crazy.

Duchamp: An amusing achievement at least.


Eve: I don’t think I saw a single stoplight.

Duchamp: They look trivial, but they’re not.

Eve: Yeah. You have to order them because they're not going to be sold in the US. I’m serious.

Duchamp: The fact they are regarded with the same reverence as objects of art probably means I failed to solve the problem of trying to do away entirely with art.


Eve: The styling comes after that. I don't want to make a corny sitcom.

Duchamp: It’s paradoxical. It is almost schizophrenic.

Eve: It stars Kevin Bacon.


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