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Sep 17, 2008, 10:52AM

Sarah Palin. Sportscaster.

Straight out of the '80s.

The following video was included in this article:
  • Although I find Palin's politics reprehensible, I would gladly vote for her 1980s hairdo.

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  • Dang, I'd take a hummer on the slide from that sweet '80s dime-piece. I'd make her tell me dinosaurs are real as we get down, though. Wacky creationist...

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  • Smart-ass comments like bort8787's about Palin are exactly what the McCain camp is hoping for. It only makes Palin a more sympathetic figure to cultural conservatives, a lot of—especially older—women and moderates. I agree that her views on creationism, abstinence, abortion, to name just a few, are "wacky," but I'll bet Obama winces when he hears these kind of lockerroom jokes, which are all over media, large and small. The election's less than two months away, make fun of her when Obama's won and she's a footnote.

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  • If you're against time-machine facilitated hypothetical oral sex with obscure newscasters, well, Greelight, then I just feel sorry for you.

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  • Feel sorry for me, but you entirely missed the point of my comment. I doubt you're taking this election seriously.

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  • Greenlight, forgive but: ughhhhhhhhhhhh. Take political discourse as seriously (In your case, seriously to an annoying fault) as you'd like, but this is a Youtube video of a po-dunk newscast. If someone happens to crack-wise at it, I wouldn't get your panties in an enormous bunch and condemn the state of American politics or my level of interest in them. Also, I'd like to get tally of cultural conservatives who gage the pulse of this race via posts on Splice Today.com. Have a beer or something. Jeesh.

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