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Sep 17, 2008, 11:47AM

Someone sign this kid up on Google Reader

The author here enumerates just what kind of speech Hillary Clinton should give in regard to Sarah Palin. Apparently both are women, and since Clinton is a Democrat and Palin is the Republican vice presidential nominee, well then Clinton could really put Palin in her place.

This strategy is not without its risks: It's possible the Republicans could find some way to twist Clinton's words to their advantage, and the message is somewhat schizophrenic (Clinton is arguing that McCain is being anti-feminist by putting Palin in a subordinate role while at the same time arguing that a Palin presidency would be disastrous).

However, good speechwriting and delivery can solve both of these problems, especially given that the group mostly likely to be persuaded by Republican criticisms of Democratic attacks on Palin - white women - are way more likely to rally around Clinton than Palin.

It seems unlikely that Obama and his staff (or Clinton and her staff, for that matter) will go for this idea, but I hope they'll at least consider it. I can think of 18 million Americans that might be interested.


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