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Mar 03, 2011, 07:18AM

Rolling Stone Profiles Alex Jones

"Jones doesn't stop there. The Gates foundation? 'Obviously a eugenics operation.' The latest Wikileaks dump? 'All the hallmarks of an intelligence disinfo campaign.' While urging his audience to wake up and smell the police state, Jones can sound thoughtful and intellectual, quick to quote Nietzsche, Plato, de Tocqueville, Gibbon and Huxley. Mostly though, he defaults into machine gun bursts of rage that crescendo with an adolescent snarl—Holden Caulfield playing Paul Revere."

More at Rolling Stone.

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  • snooze. it's so frustrating and hard to refute these nutjobs because it just plays into their whole conspiracy/everyone's-lying world view. far from sane.

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