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Sep 30, 2009, 07:45AM

Barack you're... uh... kinda freakin' me out

Obama's amazingly consistent smile.

This week the Obama’s hosted a reception at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for important foreign people in town for the conference at the UN. During the course of the reception, the Barack and Michelle Obama posed for over 130 photos. My friend Eric Spiegelman pulled the photos from the State Department’s Flickr page and compiled this 20 second video of each one flashing by. Watch the video below as our president’s smile barely moves throughout the entire series, almost like he’s a cardboard cutout or something.

  • Ahem. I think we'll be seeing less of that smile in the months to come, especially if NJ and VA go GOP in the governor's races and Obama doesn't get even a watered-down health bill.

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