Jun 22, 2015, 09:16AM

Splice Presents: Height Zone World Ep. 47 - 83 Cutlass (A Gagillion Hearts)

A joint podcast from Splice Today and Height.

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My guest this week is Chad Dawson, aka 83 Cutlass. He made his debut with a self-titled EP in 2012. We met recently when him and I played the parts of Inspectah Deck and Cappadonna, (respectively) at a Wu-Tang tribute show.

He talks about being equally inspired by the older R&B he heard at his grandmother’s card parties, and the hip-hop his younger uncles were digging. He talks about his days as a graffiti writer, and how graffiti inspired his approach to music. We talk about his debut EP, and the full-length album he’s working on now. Mike Riley’s art this week is an homage to King Tee’s Payback’s A Mutha.


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