Jan 29, 2009, 09:34AM

Mea culpa

Wherein I apologize for all of my (recent) musical faux pas, misstatements and ignorance.

After last night's drunken argument at the bar with some random hipster over what band was on the CD player I feel I need to offer some apologies for my musical ignorance:

1.  Random hipster: You were right, it was My Morning Jacket. After you said Z was one of your favorite albums I should have let it go. But I was a bottle of wine and a few gin and tonics down, so I think you can understand why I said, "No, asshole, it's the Flaming Lips!" Still, sorry all the same.

2.  Leyla: You were right, "Fat Bottomed Girls" is a Queen song. It's not from This is Spinal Tap. That's "Big Bottom." I'm an idiot. But fuck Queen.

3.  Miranda: My complete ignorance/dismissal of metal is just wrong. I'm sure there are some good metal bands out there, and maybe calling Metallica "sellouts" is just my way of trying to sound way cooler than I really am. Also, Blizzard of Ozz was one of the first CDs I ever bought – I just don't tell anyone.

4.  Matt, Kayleigh: No, nevermind. I can't do it. The Decemberists suck. Why are they singing about pirates? I don't understand. No apology needed. Nerds.

5.  Dad: Alright, I'll give it to you, Jethro Tull does rock.

6.  Danny, Dave, Gabriel, Lloyd, Jasen, Dana: I don't get a good 60-70% of your musical references, but I nod and say, "Oh yeah, definitely, definitely." "Great album." "Defining song." etc. I'll try to keep up better.


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