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Sep 11, 2008, 07:10AM

Kill Your Television (it's already dying)

When all TV officially switches from tubes and antennae to all digital on February 17, minorities will be the hardest hit by the transition. This could be a great opportunity.

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Blacks watched 42 percent more television in 2006 than the general population—73 hours of television per week, compared to 51 hours for the general population.

That's the equivalent of three whole days of television. Three whole days of life!

Imagine what African Americans could be doing with those three extra days per week.

Imagine the scholars, the athletes, doctors, librarians, teachers, artists that could be produced in that time. Heck, think of the better public high school graduation rates for blacks that might come out of it.

  • I like TV. I went for several months without it - from May to September and I did just fine. I barely noticed that I wasnt watching TV. But I caved and got a HDTV because I cant resist not watching Project Runway; et al. Also, I think it's a generational thing: not having a TV simply meant that I spent MORE time on the Internet.

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