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May 19, 2009, 12:15PM

He really is the nice guy in Hollywood


Newlywed Natalia Dearnley yesterday told how [Tom] Hanks rushed to her aid when her car ground to a halt on the way to her wedding in Rome. 

As groom Andrew waited inside Rome's famous Pantheon - a centuries-old church - Natalia was stuck outside, the streets blocked by the crew filming Hanks' new movie Angels and Demons. 

Seeing this, Hanks called "cut"- stopping production and rushing to help. 

"Her limo couldn't deliver her to the door, so I offered my arm so she could get hitched," he said. 

Natalia, 28, who studied marketing and advertising at Canberra University before relocating to the UK, said it was like a scene from a movie. 
"I've never met a celebrity before, we just went straight for the A-list," she laughed. 
"As we were trying to get through Tom came over and asked if he could escort me to my wedding. I couldn't believe it.
"He stopped filming to help me. Then, along with my dad, he grabbed my veil and threw it over his arm.

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