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Mar 26, 2009, 10:59AM

Educated White People Suffer So Cutely

"Indiewood" movies: Somebody stop the bleeding.

From the department of "Because it Needed to Happen," a FunnyOrDie video mocking the festival-favorite genre of movies about clever, vaguely unhappy unkempt white people in hoodies. The song at the end is the coup de grace:

And if you find yourself thinking, "What an easy target to mock! Surely not every Juno-style mumblecore whatchamacallit is this rote and uncreative," I invite you to gaze upon the indiest of indie indiefests trailer for Away We Go, out this summer. This trailer could also basically be put up on FunnyOrDie:

Dave Eggers! Mumbly acoustic guitar-based music! Beards! Quirky people and sullen people! Love! Therapeutically dysfunctional dinners!

That's life, man.

  • "vaguely unhappy unkempt white people in hoodies." Is this about me John?

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  • yeah, i guess even the "indie" trend was going to be eventually packaged, not to say it was some pure expression before or anything. i think the biggest clue to when its going to be one of these shitty junoish movies is 1) handwritten fonts for the credits, location changes, whatevers written on screen and 2) really shallow moments that are supposed to be powerful emotional confrontations. Like in Darjeeling Limited when the Indian girl asks Jason Schwartzman (the one with the moustache) "Whats wrong with you?" after something presumably endearingly quirky and adventurous behavior that offends normal sensibilities and his sincere reply is: "I don't know but I'm gonna find out." I don't know whats so cheesy about it, but I almost barfed when I heard that.

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  • there's nothing vague about your unhappiness, darling. i've always wondered what the hell mumblecore is, anyway. doesn't a mumble infer a lack of a core, hard or otherwise?

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