Aug 26, 2013, 09:26AM

Ten Reasons "Happier Than a Camel on Hump Day" Is the Best Geico Commercial

The following video was included in this article:

1. Because contextually the plastic plants outfox the yuppie accessories littering the Geico cavemen commercials at their peak.

2. Because every office in the universe has at least one, semi-humanoid version of this camel, that well-meaning rube whose primary function in the workplace is as a sort of perverse cautionary tale where there's no actual comeuppance, just some overly voluble blowhard blathering away about nothing on your cubicle wall as you're simultaneously nodding along absentmindedly while struggling to get a runaway workload under some semblance of control.

3. Because no actual office is this graciously well-lit, and aren't we post-paper paradigm enough that stainless-steel paper trays aren't standard issue, or is part of the joke that this ad is happening sometime in the late 1990s?

4. Because this particular series of Geico commercials is, at its best, only fitfully or topically amusing, to an extent that it's so mildly satisfying that it's like being super, crazy hungry, but trying to sate this hunger with Goobers instead of actual food so that after five or 10 minutes, you're actually hungrier than you were before, so that theoretically, watching all of these commercials as a series, in a string, could kill you.

5. Because, in a sense, this is a kind of "you're not yourself when you're hungry" Snickers situation where most days the protagonist is a normal-looking schlub, except, midweek, where suddenly he's brown, hairy, and lumpen: Hump-Day Harry, as it were.

6. Because it doesn't involve that glib gecko or the insufferable pig or that creepy motorcyclist avatar who's made of money; seriously, for the last couple years this brand has been on a long, vicious losing streak that rivals Progressive, albeit with fewer ads.

7. Because "BDC" is such a forebodingly generic and meaningless stand-in for every mindless "a big corporation" ever conceived—it might as well be "Any Company" or "Your Company" or "Xerox."

8. Because Geico hasn't yet had the presence of mind or opportunity to over-exploit the idea of a wise-cracking dromedary.

9. Because "woot woot" is totally and irrefutably some shit that Juggalos—who are infinitely more ridiculous than camels—are known to holler as some sort of asinine rallying cry.

10. Because the lobby at that place is a total pipedream—airy, impossibly white, token modern art lurking at the edges; more gallery than lobby, really, sort of "quirk-lite" enough that maybe this is the kind of scene where it isn't necessarily weird for two dudes to be hanging out, masturbating acoustics, babbling equivalencies. Just, you know, a typical Wednesday.


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