Nov 07, 2008, 05:50AM

"Victims of the Latest Dance Craze"

A twenty-year-old poem that could have been written three nights ago.

Via Ta-Nehisi Coates, a poem by Cornelius Eady, "Victims of the Latest Dance Craze." Here's a sample:

And under a swinging light bulb
Some children
Invent a game
With the shadow the bulb makes,
And the beat of their hearts.
They call it dust in the mouth.
They call it horse with no rider.
They call it school with empty books.

In the next room
Their mother throws her dress away to chance.
It drops to the floor
Like a brush sighs across a drum head,
And when she takes her lover,
What are they thinking of
If not a ballroom filled with mirrors,
A world where no one has the right
To stumble?



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