Mar 06, 2018, 06:00AM

Rx For Health

Sometimes you can feel life slipping away.

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It’s nice to slow it down sometimes. Stepping out of our skins and shutting off the noggins. Brains click-clack visions like old slide projector slides shine. Eyeball carousels wheeling merry-go-round images, and dreams. Rolling round and round memories in this topsy-turvy head-trip to that final vacation destiny. Upside down or sideways, gravity’s vacuum really sucks. It brings me down. Filed away under C for your personal clock to binge watch later on. Enjoy the tick-tock commercial free slow motion home movies of your life. Blink, here’s the future, you just missed it. There it went. Wait a sec! Here it comes again.

Here goes a panoramic wide-angle vision view of watching and waiting for something to occur. Zoom in up close and personal. A random mismatch parade of microscopic ideas magnifying everything beyond recognition. Blow it all up out of proportion where opposites blend like cocktails. Daily thoughts turn and twist together making pretzels of nonsense. Our well-being, merely a condition of surrender. Living on a tightrope hourglass of quicksand in a dense world of luckless chance. A toxic mish-mash of unseen diseases, germs, viruses, infections, bacteria, molds and fungi. All working together in cancerous unison toward our undoing. A striptease of slow decay.

How we survive is a mysterious miracle. Clueless in the swirling chaos of now, scratching our heads in wonder. It’s all happening even if we’re not there.

The old adage, one day we walk the earth, the next day we are in and of the earth. How did we get here? Where do we go? Is it an apple a day that keeps the doctors at bay? You hear the rhetoric of physicians who repeatedly milk the insurance agencies and pharmaceutical labs that created the opioid epidemic that fleeces the public in the name of medicine. The Hippocratic Oath of too much faith in Dr. Sawbones all- knowing diagnostic speculations on the obvious. The hypocrites are winning. Too ashamed to admit what they don’t know. A reality check time warp.

It’s so much cheaper to die here today. Life is expensive. The luxury of a good life gets lost in the invoice bills. Take two aspirins and call me in the morning. Early to bed, early to rise makes us healthy, wealthy, and wise. Or is it dull, fat, and stupid? Heeding the advice of medical professionals is like believing the government really cares about your health and wellness. Sooner or later something will get you. They have good news and bad news. Which news would you like to hear first?

We’ve heard the old one-liners. Don’t do drugs. There’s a pill for that. Stop smoking. Don’t drink too much. Exercise daily. Drink plenty of water and get lots of rest. No sugar or greasy fried anything. Eggs are bad. Coffee is bad. Wait! Now it’s all good for us. Never eat anything bigger than your head. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Like the Joe Jackson tune, “Everything Gives You Cancer,” the experts know everything about nothing. Conned into believing physical and mental health are separate entities in the same body. Doctors speculate and debate. Gambling over body parts and how they supposedly function. We sit in the waiting room thumbing last year’s People magazine pondering what it all means.

The leafless treetops reach for blue sky like nobody’s business. Put your limbs in the air, this is a stick-up by big bad Mother Nature. Give up the winter. Just put it in this plastic contractor bag. Tiny green buds popping on fingers like appendages. Trees sway in the wind to spring's musical intro. The end of something and the beginning of sweet nothings. Follow the sun with a certain smile. Light a candle at night for respect to the ancestors and curse winter’s dark gloomy doom. The rainy days give way to lush greenery; when the heat warms the skeletons creak and makes it all come alive again growing and singing tomorrow’s promise. The sweet fragrance of flowers and fresh-cut lawns shimmer in the afternoon haze. A summer afternoon so alive with birds chirping, bees buzzing and flowers showing off. Feeling real, bursting with life so much even the grim reaper quivers in shaky boots and hides its weepy skull in shame thinking twice about coming around here no more. On a day like that, death would jump for joy.

Automaton meat machines with no sense of humor sharing simple thought patterns. Elementary brains compute to deduce basic facts. Scary math at odds with mortality’s outdated laptop. It adds up to loss with nothing to gain. The fundamental building blocks of being there on a backlit life screen with every breath of thin air, the grand disappearing act finale enters from the orchestra pit. In the flesh, exit stage left. Soul is always center stage. Lights out. Curtains. One moment here, another one there. Poof! A puff of smoke. One bright moment. Another revision. A flash in the pan. Gone. Vanished into invisible dust.

Float or fade away to leave through the lobby exit during intermission. You know how the show ends. My recipe for good health might sound like a drumbeat and taste like poison but it’s only the heart tickertape pounding. Bloods rush pumping in your eardrums. To live by the beat of a different drummer. The rocking roll of restless spirits. The give and take of something weird. Sometimes you can feel life slipping away. Or at least my mental health. Don’t tell me how the story ends. I enjoy this lighthearted comedy/horror show. Now that you mention it I’m feeling a bit queasy. Is there a doctor in the house?


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