Apr 28, 2008, 07:10AM

Oh The Trees You'll Grow

A reissued Dr. Seuss book has been coupled with a deforestation campaign to inspire children's environmental activism. Is it a fun way to educate kids, or green propaganda?

"However, not many are familiar with one of Suess' darker works, The Lorax. But a new enterprise, The Lorax Project, may change that. This project, started this year in honor of Earth Day 2008, was created to engage individuals of all ages to do their part to conserve the places and species that are critical to the future of our planet, according to the project's Web site, theloraxproject.com.

The book is being reprinted with a special environmental message that describes what The Lorax Project is. Ten to fifteen percent of profits from the book and from Earth-friendly consumer products featuring the Lorax's image will be used to stop deforestation in Madagascar, Brazil and China, according to an article on usatoday.com. Also, according to the article, Dr. Seuss Enterprises is sending a free digital download of The Lorax to public schools around the country.



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