Sep 11, 2008, 11:12AM

Citing, quoting, referencing or extolling Chuck Klosterman will not. get. you. laid.

While I do feel this writer harbors good intentions, Chuck Klosterman is not a no-fail party reference. In fact, it's best to read Klosterman quietly, by yourself and without audible comment. You should occasionally reference what Klosterman references—slyly, tactfully. Not a whit more.

Freshmen adjusting to life on campus, take heed: Tell people your favorite author is Chuck Klosterman. Dropping this universally hip name will make you not only appear tasteful, funny and introspective — it may just get you laid. But if you’re trying to impress some attractive yet uppity fiction purist, you’ll need to reference his latest work, “Downtown Owl.”
Klosterman — who has already cemented himself as one of this generation’s most important authors — has stepped out of the modern non-fiction realm that he was not only successful in, but helped to redefine. His latest, “Downtown Owl”, marks his exit from said genre as he embarks into unfamiliar territory: Fiction.

  • Hip + Chuck Klosterman does not compute.

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  • Hear hear. Also, who exactly thinks that Klosterman is one of the most important writers of this generation (or any generation)?

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  • Chuck Klosterman is fun to read, but he has an annoying propensity to make silly and stupid puns related to the artists he's covering (i.e., he ended a story about a Morrissey convention with "But I guess that joke isn't funny any more.")

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  • chuck klosterman gives us all hope that we can take a love of TV and other things we waste our time on, plus an education in cultural studies that we've wasted our time on, and make money. he totally represents our generation.

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  • Klosterman's not only a really rank writer, he's 36, so which generation are you talking about, Rebecca? He's closer in age to Barack Obama than to you.

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  • I could not put down Cocoa Puffs and currently cannot put down Killing Yourself to Live...Klosterman is one of the most honest modern writers which I think is ultimately why I find his writing so damn funny/good and why I cant imagine what his fiction woudl be like. Has anyone read Downtown Owl ?

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