Dec 27, 2016, 09:11AM

17 Resolutions for 2017

It’s worth a shot.

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I hate resolutions. They’re stupid, meaningless, and they never work. But I want absolutely everything about 2017 to be different right off the bat, including my long-standing policy on not making New Years resolutions. But nothing stupid about going to the gym. This is a list of things I genuinely want to do with my life not just for the first 10 days, or even for 365, but really just in general to try to be the least shitty person possible.

1.Worry less. Far and away this is my number one. Not wasting energy worrying about dumb crap just makes good sense.

2.Go to the beach more. Directly related to #1. When I'm there looking for sea glass, this peaceful activity takes up all the available space in my brain and I give zero shits about anything else.

3. Care less what people think. Because why care?

4. Have coffee with people I like. There aren't that many of them, so this shouldn't be difficult, but I need to make an effort. Twice a month, something regular.

5. Try to read some of the books in Book Club. It would be embarrassing to admit out loud how many of the 12 I read in 2016. I need to read a few in 2017. Seriously, I'd settle for half.

6. Practice reiki. I'm taking Reiki 2 class next month and look forward to learning more and practicing energy healing, especially as it relates to beachcombing.

7. Eat better. I won't do it, and this one borders on the dumb ones people make each year and don’t keep, but I can say I'll try. Ugh, fruits and vegetables. I have one kid who loves to make smoothies. Maybe I’ll pay her to make me a few a week or something for breakfast. She’d love the extra money, and it’s probably the only way to get them into me.

8. Learn more. I love doing sea glass lectures, and to prepare for them, I enjoy studying books on vintage glass and pottery. Unlike book club books I don't get to choose, I could happily fall asleep reading historical glass identification books each night. Maybe I could start a sea glass nerd book club.

9. Laugh more. Following humorous accounts on social media make being on social media more enjoyable.

10. Make more money. I really only care about this because it’s my dream to have a cleaning service come to the house. I suck at cleaning. So I'm hoping my book proposal sells, the reiki business takes off... something good this year.

11. Be grateful. Every day. There's always something to be thankful for. No matter what.

12. Tell my kids I love them often, and that I'm proud.

13. Be giving. I love sending sea glass to people because it makes them happy. I have too much of it. I'm happy to give it away, though I could do better running an online shop selling some of it (see #10) but I'm always happy to send a package of it out to someone who might not otherwise be able to find it.

14. Finish my book. Just do it.

15. Be present. Don't be on my phone so much. Be in the moment.

16. Engage with my community. Sea glass shows and social media let me interact with beachcombers from around the world and I’m thankful for this chance to meet them, discuss our common interest, learn and share.

17. Meditate. It helps, it works, and it's just a good idea. 


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