Jun 20, 2008, 10:03AM

The Most Boring Game Ever Played

The "Granny Basketball League" is modeled after the original version of women's basketball in the 1920's, with rules such as "No running, no jumping, no physical conduct." Just when you thought the bar of athleticism couldn't be lowered any more.

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Photo by dailylife.com

Blouses? Check. Bloomers? Check. Stockings? Check. Basketball ... ? CHECK!

These are just a few items senior women across the state are taking note of before lacing up their "tennies," what they call their shoes, and stepping out onto the hardwood.

Granny basketball, known as the gentler game for women over 50, is no joke. It is a competitive league of 12 teams, whose motto is "Die with your tennies on."

Barbara McPherson of Lansing, Iowa, founded the Granny Basketball League in 2005 in search of a way to stay in shape.

She adapted the official Granny basketball rules to be similar to the original six-on-six game. This meant there would be no running (although hurrying is allowed), no jumping, no physical contact, and, of course, no dunking.

Players also were required to don the 1920s basketball uniform of Middy blouses with embroidered numbers on the backs, black bloomers, and stockings to ensure no bare arms or legs were revealed.


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