Feb 10, 2014, 05:14PM

NBA Haikus

Eastern Conference.

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Indiana Pacers (39-11)
Resurrection time
The defense will suffocate
Will they beat the Heat?

Miami Heat (35-14)
82-game slog.
Waiting for the final run.
Hibbert in the way.

Toronto Raptors (26-24)

Trade Rudy and win
How did Terrence Ross do that?
Masai works magic.

Atlanta Hawks (25-24)

Near .500 Mark
Horford's absence dashing dreams
Korver raining threes.

Washington Wizards (25-25)
Talented young guards
Up-down season and yet fans
Yearning for playoffs.

Chicago Bulls (25-25)
Another injured season
Thibs and Noah hanging on
Chicago winter.

Brooklyn Nets (23-26)

Health now returning
Pierce and Garnett shake their heads
Mortgage the future.

Charlotte Bobcats (22-29)
Bob-horn-net-cats play
A possible playoff berth
Means something to them.

Detroit Pistons (21-29)
Firing Mo Cheeks won’t
Transform Jennings and Josh Smith
Drummond the bright spot.

New York Knicks (20-31)

Poor Tyson Chandler
Defending all by himself
One more lost season.

Cleveland Cavs (18-33)
Can they co-exist?
Bye-bye Bynum Welcome Deng
Still… not sure what next.

Boston Celtics (18-34)

Starting over hurts.
Rondo progressing slowly
Sullinger brings hope.
Orlando Magic (16-37)
Youth movement waiting
For the next draft pick to score
Patience and patience.

Philadelphia 76ers (15-37)

Run. Run. Run. Run. Run.
Soon the lottery will come.
Carter-Williams here.

Milwaukee Bucks (9-41)
Self-destruct button
Giannis is the future
What is the present?


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