Jul 09, 2008, 12:51PM

High School Basketball Star Skips College

The joke of amateur college football and baskektball players might be falling apart. The best high school basketball player in the country decided to skip the ludiricous process of qualifying academically all together and is going to play ball in Europe until he'e eligible for the NBA.

The No. 1 basketball player in his class, according to ESPN and Scout.com, has decided to make an unprecedented move to skip college and pursue a year-long professional career in Europe next season while he waits to be eligible for the NBA draft, Jennings' attorney, Jeff Valle told ESPN.com's Andy Katz Tuesday night in a text message.

Kelly Williams, Jennings' advisor, told CBSsports.com the point guard could net $1 million with a European contract and shoe endorsement deal.

"In all honestly, I think Brandon wants options," Williams said. "If he has the opportunity right now to make $800,000 from a team and get a shoe contract and make more than $1 million before he even goes into the (2009 NBA) draft, then why wouldn't he do that?"


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